Kym 8 years ago. With spring rolling around soon, that means there will likely be a demo day somewhere near you, and if you get a chance to try them, let us know what you think in the comments! Please gentelmen, Are you really serious. Not a single golfer had any complaints about the performance of the clubs. Matt, There is no way I would ever buy a club that was not fit for me.

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Chandler M 8 years ago.

Most amateur golfers are not going to hit the sweet spot with each swing, and the technology in these heads makes it so that the misses are far less noticeable in both mchspeed and performance. However which shape do we mean? Andre August 16, – CJ Bush 9 years ago.

If your goal is moving the ball with fades and draws, machspeef set will not be the ideal set to look for, Nike has sets such as the Nike VR Split Cavity that we reviewed last year that are better suited for that game. The graphite shafts seemed to be in perfect harmony with the club heads and the players were remarking on seeing a straighter ball flight because of it.

Another factor was the price. How do these irons compare to the TaylorMade Burner 2. NFender April 15, – 4: The sides feature a black foam material with the MachSpeed logo on one side and Nike swoosh on the other. Will the clubs come machsspeed fit, or ready to hit?


I am not at all concerned about nlke look, mainly because Nike did a clever job of hiding the power bar when you address the ball.

While the love for the irons was apparent, the hybrids shined even more if that was possible. The channels on the back, side and sole of the head are there to channel the air as the club moves through the swing, but it looks as if the design team focussed entirely on aero-dynamics rather than the looks, which are ‘unconventional’ to say the least. I think these designs are getting out of hand for 3 extra yards and 1 extra hit fairway.

Matt June 30, – Players who are considering a game improvement iron should take a serious look at the SQ MachSpeed irons. This new ocnstruction offers an extremely hot center area, but also expands to lower on the face where the ball is more likely to contact.

Nike SQ MachSpeed Irons Sets | Discount Golf World

I was very glad I did. Sweet pics by the way! The SQ MachSpeed irons come with two available shaft options. Came out knowing the Nike Machspeed was the better club.

Nike SQ MachSpeed! – (Just As We Predicted)

Anyways, thanks for your reply — helps put my mind at ease between these and machspeev Edges. If you gave me the choice between added speed, accuray, weight, and over all performance or aesthetics i would choose performance every time and youre a fool nachspeed you dont. Andy Greenwald 9 years ago. Puttin4Bird April 15, – 8: Got as a bargain at carnoustie on golf holiday. Nevertheless we really like that Nike has at least tried to improve the functionality of the club…no matter what it looks like.


Nike SQ Machspeed Fairway Wood Review

The extra distance I got with the driver, combined with how straight I hit it made me a believer in how this club can help the average golfer. Sean Diller 9 years ago. Hitting the ball off the toe was showing the same straight ball flight and the kicker was that virtually no distance was lost.

Describing something like this is extremely difficult, but what we mean is that these irons seem to have everything that a game improvement iron should have.

These irons definitely promote a high launch — my ball flight was noticeably higher than my current irons.

Write a Review Rate This Product: Would you recommend this set for a new player? I loved the club but after the experience with warranty I will never purchase a Nike product again.