Seems to be no way for me to have the single SATA as a primary master Best I can do is have it as a secondary at least it’s not a papper weight This will do for now By Vallis in forum PressF1. I’ve discovered heaps of other ppl with the same problem as mine and it’s seems to be something to do with the bios for the onboard SATA controler. This is my RAID driver: If you run in to a problem, it is possible that the hard drive is screwy.

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If I leave it for long enough I will eventually get some message about a abbit write failing can’t remember exactlyhowever the computer stays in it’s essentially frozen state.

ABIT NF7-S – – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP Overview – CNET

Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool. By Vallis in forum PressF1. This is my Device Panel: What are your favorite holiday food and beverages? After this I generally have to reboot my computer. Sign In or Register to comment. I know in alot of other mobos that dont have the option to boot to SCSI this is the option used.

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If I check the event viewer after such a freeze there are generally system errors like the SI controller did not respond in the timeout period, or the hard drive was removed from the system without first being prepared for removal. It might be worth your while to read through these threads: This will do for now I’d appreciate any help abbit you guys also i honestly don’t believe the problem is heat, and my PSU should be able to handle this thing.


Sep edited Sep Only then can I start the windows settup routine. As for SCSI devices. agit

Once you have formated and partitioned maybe you should restart with XP cd and load drivers again because you might have formated over them?? This is my RAID driver: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

In the bios under “Intergrated peripherials” spelling? I am wondering if I need to update any of aabit drivers. I have had no experience with SATA hdd so can’t help you.

Strangely, however, my entire system hung when I tried to bench it using HD Tach. Basically the bios isn’t reading the SATA drive and therefore as far as it’s concerned it dosen’t exist. As long as i don’t do anything with it everything works ahit running off my other drive.

You’re probably saying “WTF Digi!?

Update Silicon Image BIOS on NF7S V2.0

abt No driver updates or bios updates were necessary. This is my IDE driver: From what I’ve read installing a modded bios posted here will fix the problem but it dosen’t work for me: If I enable both the Raid bois takes over at boot and I’m told I don’t have enough hdd’s for this obviously as it’s reffering to a raid settup and I only have one SATA installed and if I bomb out of that and continue to load the winsettup I get the error about no n7f-s media for insallation.


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Do that, and use your SI floppy to install the 3rd party drivers. I’ve read many posts from people with SATA problems and have tried a lot of things to resolve this including -Various sets of drivers for the sata driver, including most recent drivers issued from abit, and from silicon nv7-s.

If you run in to a problem, it is possible that the hard drive is screwy. 2v.0 I get to the “press f6” I load the drivers disk that was supplied with the board. I recently bought a new SATA drive and have been growing increasingly frustrated trying to get the thing to work.