Principal-Agent Problems Here is a reference for the notation used in the principal-agent problem: Dunning Hall A Phone Number: Suggestions for focused final exam review. I claim that the benchmark models are not rich enough to provide an accurate portrayal of reality but we will get closer as we add features to the model. On the other side of the discussion, here is a group discussion among practitioners who express their disagreement with the various flavours of efficient markets hypotheses.

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Assignment 1 is available stae People in their camp claim that inefficiencies in the market are what determines their livelihood.

R for use in Rstudio. How Efficient are Markets Really? We’ll talk more about the effects of incentives on financial decisions in the rest of the course.

Issuing Equity, Going Public Readings: A more recent r review of the avtion th ough the decades is presented in this article from a lecture acion John C. The solution to Assignment 2 is available here: These examples are inspired by the takover of the firm R. On the other side of the discussion, here is a group discussion among practitioners who express their disagreement with the various flavours of efficient markets hypotheses.


Ruppert, Chapter 5, section 5. Drexel Burnham Lambert’s legacy: Several examples of fund managers were profiled in the movie The Big Short, made famous by their investments against the housing market collapse.

This assignment is optional. Vd-211a all came crashing down when he and Michael Milken were accused of conspiring for insider trading, another example of what happens when a good idea is pushed too far in this case, into illegal territory.

Revisiting Piece of Investment History. Assignment 3 Due Monday, February 13 at 3: Assignment 2 is available here: Amaro de Matos, Chapter 7: Here are some references to the economic content of the investment strategies: Amaro de Matos, Chapter 2: The solution to Assignment 4 is available here: Shipping and automotive industries have benefited greatly from the availability of insurance, so that investors can focus on productive opportunities, while hedging against diversifiable risk.

The dataset will be used in the class to be held in Dunning on Thursday January 26 the same day. Here is an article about the pioneers of the Leveraged Buy-Out: Nabiscowhich was the topic of a book and movie titled Barbarians at the Gate.

Don’t Worry, I’m an Economist! George Soros is regarded by many to be the father of hedge funds, well known for profiting from an investment against the Pound Sterling during a currency crisis. The portfolios have been created as additional factors that might have predictive sstar above the CAPM. The additional columns smb and hml in the data file myCAPMdata.



The reality is a question of the quality of the information available to investors. Microeconomics Workshop – Christopher Chambers. Class Cancelled Extra time to work on your assignment s.

Bogle, founder of the Vanguard group of funds, an early index investor. They grew their business by identifying instances of market incompleteness and providing the missing forms of insurance. The total grade on Assignment 3 iswith 20 points removed for the most difficult questions, for a total of Here are a few articles describing some complications over one of the biggest IPOs in history:.