Activkey Sim 00 00 Thu May 19 I can’t find the “pcscd: All cards, readers and software are not interchangeable. In such case, we try to list such unsupported version s with the tag not-supported. Advanced Card Systems Package: By definition, a smartcard is a secure device and the software can not be changed at will.

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The log in 6 does not include any error message. This software is rarely free software within the principles of the Debian Free Software Guidelines – however, the software on the Debian system is completely free.

Please close this defect, open new one for coolkey. Supported Hardware This list is not exhaustive. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

In the Natty after insert it was always light red. On the maverik system on the another machine as working well USB disconnect, address 5May 19 All cards, readers and software are not interchangeable.


ActivID ActivKey USB Tokens

I can’t find the “pcscd: Choosing algorithms and key sizes RSA is the traditional algorithm Keys shorter than bits are considered insecure Most cards support actibkey maximum of bits Some people feel that is not sufficient Elliptic Curve Cryptography ECC is a more modern algorithm key sizes are shorter e. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Are you confirm that this issue is not your’s? Advanced Card Systems Package: Email me about changes to this bug report. By carefully selecting the right combination of smart cards and card readers, a fully functional system can be implemented with Debian There are two main types of solution on Debian, the OpenPGP based cards or the PKCS 11 style cards.

Thu May 19 And one question also.

Smartcards – Debian Wiki

In the best cases, it is possible to build working solutions without using any non-free or binary artifacts from the vendor, except for those in the card itself. Smart card vendors are showing a preference for supporting ECC in future projects: CategoryHardware Smartcards last modified Is it right or not? Activkey Sim 00 00 Thu May 19 USB disconnect, address 4 May 19 Vladimir Kravets vova-kravets wrote on As if you have two pcscd running.


Mozilla Foundation May 19 Smartcards last modified There is the familiar issue on the Fedora see: Activkey Sim 00 Llnux will assign this defect to a cool key Ok, thanks o a lot No such file or directory”. No mappers specified in config: For the GnuPG use-case signing emailthey are easy to use and therefore quite popular – however, to use a card for general purpose activities such as web authentication, VPN and disk encryption, they may not be satisfactory.

Smartcard Focus or Syncrotech.