Less than 1 min Voice Trigger parameter User needs to configure sound level and sensitivity when the channel is set voice trigger recording. Normally we use Voltage for most analog lines. Not record phone and extension number. Remote control by network 8. DB37 for Channel 2.

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Refer system setting 16, 17 B. Soune IP address a. Channel Recording announcement enabled indicator. PABX channel number position: Disable this function in voice trigger recording. You may adjust the exact data of the form.

AK32 user’s manual |

Program will create new call record while the inbound call is on hold and transferred to another extension when SMDR is received. Same as Inbound call verification.

Black label is for Card No. The parameter determines if save the status in system log.


Channel Card 2: User can hide some of them. Enable it for auto-answer all day long on Saturday and auto-answer time sections setting will be ignored. The specific level sound lasts time for start recording.

Recommend to enable this function, it will be useful for system repairing. Basis of Caller ID comparison with phone book Carry out this task while system is idle. Flag symbol for important call. Usually for microphone and interphone recording.

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Normally it is same as connection port. Automatic backup monthly on specific date.

Database is saved daily. Select single or multi recording files to playback. Sound lasting time ms: Max 16 characters Enable the authorization for 1. Look at the front panel of the AK voice logger, you can see a 5 inch colored touch screen.

AK32 user’s manual

If the interval time is more that 7 s, the call will be determined as a missed call. Please note the file size. Program will create new call record while the outbound call is on hold and transferred to another extension when SMDR is received. Inbound and outbound number will be saved with phonebook information. Beside recording ao32, system will generate a tmp file with CDR information for each call.


User can press pre-defined hotkey prior call ends to save current conversation. The system has built-in hard drive which allows all-day recording without turning the PC. Recording ai32 Channel 4.

This is minimum voltage setting to verify if telephone is hook on.