Livid Instruments Base Controller. All rights reserved Privacy Policy Imprint. In the Session Overview, you can jump in blocks of eight tracks at a time. When an APC40 and an APC20 are connected at the same time, the APC20’s buttons will default to Track Selection, and its faders will default to volume, allowing swift access to an expanding array of clips and tracks. If the volume on the screen is at the bottom and the fader is at the top, Live won’t start responding until you move the fader up to the top position it really is at in the software. Or do you go with another controller entirely? And when working with only Live open on the computer, everything consistently ran smoothly.

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Grid buttons glow orange to show an inactive clip in that slot, or green when the clip is active.

I also used Note Mode to very easily control drum libraries in Native Instruments Kontakt 4 sample wkai running as a plug-in. Check out other Live compatible controllers.

Akai Professional APC20 Compact Ableton Performance Controller

The faders follow the takeover mode see Takeover Mode in the Ableton Live manual for more info. Check out Max for Live APC20 – Media Images.

Pressing Shift and any of the Clip Stop buttons stops all clips. Likes Followers Subscribers Followers.

Each state displays in the grid in a different color so you can get a quick picture of each clip’s state. With the included Akai Pro APC Edition of Ableton Live, these controllers provide an accessible point of entry into the most exciting and popular live electronic music performance software. The cursor controls and shift button give you access to a whole lot more than the initial eight by five grid.


You can shift these eight tracks around the Session View. The mixer section gives you control of eight tracks at a time, as well as the Master track.

Try mapping tempo or global swing to your faders. These fruits are ripe for the plucking.

Akai APC20 and APC40 – Review – DJ TechTools

For the stiffest APC40 competition, you have to look to the Vestax VCMwhich is also impressive but much more expensive, or perhaps the Novation series of SL Mk II controllers, which despite their Automapping prowess, do not match the same tight integration with Ableton Live and program-specific layout that you get with the APC Both units feature the same build quality, the same tight integration with Ableton Live software — either separately sold versions or the included APC version of Live — and similar value for the dollar.

The channel faders have 45mm of travel. The shift button gives you a faster way to move around your Live set–this is referred to as Session Overview. Faders are solid and precise for pinpoint performance. Another 8-encoder section for Device Control handles parameters for any selected effect or instrument device within an active track.

All 16 of the endless encoders are surrounded by LED rings that instanly indicate the value of the current parameter as you navigate around a Live Set. The selected parameter bank will light up red, ableron you that it’s selected. Live’s Play, Stop and Global Record buttons are at your finger tips.


All controls are re-mappable. All rights reserved Privacy Policy Imprint. In addition, there are three user mappable slots for the eight faders.

Or do you go with another controller entirely? First-time setup is literally three steps: Drop your email address here, we’ll send you news, tutorials, and special offers once a week. Welcome, Login to your account. The buttons feature bright LED backlighting, acp20 you can see them clearly on even the darkest stages. You can shift your clip focus and get aka overview of the clips you have loaded for your set.

Read on to find out just how much these controllers allow you to do, and how they stack up in terms of function and value against a growing field of competitors. However, upon using them standard scene and clip launching, track selection, etc. Designed in partnership with Ableton, the APC20 is the ideal controller for performers who like to perform in a small amount of space for maximum portability.