There are no onboard video features but audio is included in the form of the C-Media CMI Hardware Audio Controller chipset that works in conjunction with the AC97 audio Codec and offers six channel digital sound when used with the optional add on card, which was not included with this board. Once again, the impression of quality is evident here. We’ll start the ball rolling with one of our favourites, namely 3DMark SE. The memory throughput is a far more interesting comparison. You still do however get the performance of the C-Media chipset that offers 2.

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Introduction Features Installation Performance Conclusion.

Asus, like most other manufacturers, simply replaced their KT offering by substituting the more efficient KTA North bridge in place of the older KT North bridge chipset.

The memory throughput is a far more interesting comparison. Starting at the top and working our way down, we firstly see the rotated ZIFF socket. This one takes a while to complete. We appreciate that little touch. We’ve not seen this before, presumably it ensures compatibility with the different processors. Figure 2 I still scratch my head and wonder why in the heck these guys put a more than useless ACR slot on this motherboard.

Motherboard: Asus A7V266-E :: Features

And there you have it. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. The bulk of Asus’ revenue is accrued from the OEM channel. Asus also show the relative running speed of the PCI bus. When set to 1.


The Promise controller offers the user two forms of RAID array, you can configure two exact drives to be one independent drive in the RAID 0 or striping mode or have two exact drives containing the same information for backup purposes in the RAID one or mirroring mode. Although latency is cut in half, you do sacrifice some security as RAID 0, by it’s very nature, has no redundancy. Either way, the times posted are extremely impressive in their own right.

A7VE | ASUS Global

MP3 encoding is something that I regularly do, anything that saves time in a7v266-e process is most welcome. Asus have worked hard to gain this enviable reputation, work that has seen them leap to become to 1 manufacturer of PC motherboards world-wide. However, we at Hexus expect a motherboard to perform well at stock speeds, we look at motherboard manufacturers to provide that something extra, whether it be with new, innovative features or with outstanding performance.

This boded well for our overclocking soundd. The performance delta was consistent from start to finish.

ASUS A7V266-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A Series

Click to find out more. The BIOS itself is fairly intuitive and reasonably easy to navigate.

This is something that should be addressed and maybe come to light in the possible K7VF model. Out attention is immediately drawn to the number of jumpers and dip-switches on the board, something we are seeing less of these days. The fact that certain jumpers still have to be manipulated is a negative point. We’re using Xmpeg 2. Let’s have a look at the results. This is a good sound solution and is the same chipset that is being used currently in the Hercules line of sound products.


BIOS duty is handled by Award. Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way.

Will the trend that we’ve observed so far continue here? When Asus is mentioned with respect to motherboards, what do you think?.

That’s not to say that Asus have not been busy in the retail channel, just one look at their extensive product catalogue informs you of that.

I’m sure OEM system builders will be more than happy at the inclusion of this little chip, as it almost precludes the need for a true hardware solution. The Asus, whilst not the best, is certainly in the top half of a7266-e that we tested. It appears so, the Asus can’t quite catch the MSI at default speeds but naturally edges ahead at overclocked speeds.