The DAC in your Marantz is probably just fine and optical is perfect as it isolates the PC’s ground from your audio gear. Small devices tend to, out of necessity, physically locate the right and left channel circuitry close together. Depending on the samplerate of the test samples you play, Vista might resample them to the shared mode samplerate. I’ve never tested the D3 so it’s hard to say if the UCA may be better. Sometimes, I hate to say, it’s out brain playing tricks on us.

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Also note the load is ohms, not the more typical 15 ohms I have used testing portable players. Please keep comments on topic.

But if you are happy with the sound from your laptop no bad noises, it gets loud enough, etc. Thanks for the input. It’s more complex than that. I’ve got an iMac and am using the audio output via a toslink cable to drive a Benchmark DAC1 that is then connected to my preamp and the rest of my big rig. Anonymous January 23, at 9: NwAvGuy January 23, at 6: If an amp was borderline unstable it’s possible certain loads and certain signals may push them over the edge into oscillating.


So I’m trying to provide useful information that appeals to as broad of audience as possible without going overboard on the time involved. I’ll probably pick up a uca and give it a whirl. I’m not sure the UCA will drive the ohm version to loud enough levels. NwAvGuy August 23, at The Behringer UCA did not work on my older Windows 7 laptop without its drivers, not without having high latency. But that’s true of most anything you might buy to do the same thing.

It might be cheaper than two 3D movie tickets, but is it really junk? How about extremely low levels:.

Problem with Behringer UCA202

See how that experiment turned out in the Modified DAC article. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. TJ September 16, at 5: Generally, from what I’ve seen, implementation is everything. I’m pondering a laptop based rig without any other batteries, and your review thrashed the uDAC 2 so thorougly, I’m looking at the Behringer UCA instead.

With most everything integrated into a single chip, it makes the implementation harder to screw up. Johan March 14, at 8: Post 8 of 9.

Anyone have this issue before? I would like to feed CD quality music from PC to my Integrated Amp of home stereo and would not like to spend too much for it. Optical is the best way to go for computer audio to isolate the computer ground from your audio system’s ground.


Example Windows client installation with audio device Behringer U-CONTROL UCA

Most all pro audio interfaces I’ve tested have really cheap headphone outputs. While my “online” test had some serious limitations, people generally could hear a difference and preferred the DAC1 over the UCA People tend to be rather polarized in their love, or dislike, of Behringer. While NuForce used much better parts but ended up with a design that, in many ways, performs worse. As for sampling rates, I was thinking about getting the Udac2 for my Sennheiser HD cans, but now I’m thinking that this Behringer may be a better buy.

Phase shift tests are normally only done on analog amps. I expect it to be in the inaudible range below dB at the worst point but then having actual data is better.

My conclusion, for what it’s worth yes, I recognize the testing was far from rigorous: