ISO shots looked good printed up to 16×20 inches. Memory cards with and SD speed class rating of 6 or faster are recommended for HD movie recording. But the two best shots in the sequence were actually at 0 EV and, even better, Macro mode in wide angle gets as close as 1. Whilst that much is standard, less so is a screen resolution that again betters what one might expect at k dots, so visibility is clear with it.

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When your subject is in front of a strong light, you want this mode.

In single shot stills mode, a half press of the shutter release button and roughly in the time it takes to blink focus and exposure are determined. It’s enough to make the Coolpix S an interesting travel companion, or, in our case, something to bring to the ballpark.

They’re not revolutionary, but if you like to experiment, they’ll be welcomed. I checked on a couple we sites to see if I found a case that you can leave on and take pictures with but I did not find any.

There’s nothing quite like it vanon from the megazooms of bulkier digicams. The first amazing feature is the zoom. Top Nikon Cameras Nikon D There is color and detail in those shots, enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to use ISO 3, even though they aren’t on par with the lower ISO images.


Nikon S Review and Specs

So if you know Nikon’s way of doing things, it will be familiar. Neither result is a surprise, though, given the extreme range of this 18x zoom. Easy is, well, pretty easy. The Coolpix S is one of the most attractive compact digicams we’ve seen, featuring high-grade controls and a soft front panel with a raised finger hold that serves as a excellent grip. Overall color is bright and vibrant, though bright greens, reds and blues are a good bit w9100.

See Printed section below for more on how this affects prints. Black In stock Usually ships cahon business days.

Excellent controls and myriad modes enhance your ability to get a shot in varied conditions, while many special continuous modes let you slow things down so you can examine them later. We’d call it usable, but we preferred the 8xinch prints. Printing at 5×7 helped with the detail loss, but the fading remains an issue.

We’ve changed, we promise. Worth mentioning is the ability to capture stills while shooting movies. Canin Coolpix S has an interesting Mode Canonn.

With cqnon 18x optical zoom range that starts at a very wide angle, there aren’t many places you won’t want to bring it. From left to right, there’s the flash, five grid holes for the speaker and stereo microphones, the flush Power button ringed with a green LED, the chrome X9100 button with a black top ringed itself with the Zoom lever, and the Mode dial, which protrudes just enough off the back to manage with your right thumb.


Movies are limited to a maximum file size of 4GB and length of 29 minutes, and are acnon using H. New observations and question.

Nikon Coolpix S9100

It is simple to use, light and because it has a built in lense cover there is one less step to taking a picture. Then, after about 3 days of use the focus locked up. We were shooting under bright spring sunshine for canonn of our test period and weren’t compelled to cup a hand around the screen to view it. The Bottom Line Nikon produces another solid point-and-shoot compact megazoom with the Coolpix S by offering fast performance, good photos, and an excellent feature-to-price ratio.

I had no issues with battery life. Talk me out of sending back my Christmas present.

There is an optional battery charger MH available, but for charging you connect the included power plug to a W9100 cable that runs to the bottom of the camera. When the camera detects motion, it starts capturing images, indicating with a slider on the LCD how many it has taken of what it needs.

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