I dont even have a windows button, it very strange. I wish better support was available so that ubutnu could set up the buttons automatically. I have a plain simple a4tech antirsi keyboard, just the usual keys and some ergonomics. The weighted keys are a nice feature, but not really that noticable. It’s been through about six desktop boxes. The volume keys really change the volume, which is cool. How many have have those special keys being used a lot?

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Never used them in XP, Oh, the calculator works, as does the “sleep” button–gives me the logout menu, I use both keys. As a result, I’ve never even tried the special keys on my notebook. Very good product, in fact all Logitech products have high quality, the problem is that I couldn’t find any Linux drivers on their web site. Kw-910b weighted keys are a nice feature, but not really defennder noticable. Most of the buttons on my mouse work, but most of the media buttons on the keyboard are strictly for show.

I have it set up on dvorak already cos you can get faster typing speeds that with qwerty. It’s pretty nice, I wouldn’t have paid for it myself, but it was a gift. The arrow keys are the proper inverted T. This was a replacement for a Awesome creative desktop pro that I spilled scotch all over.


So, until a patch is available, I live with what I have. When I press Music it just opens Rhythmbox without any configuration. I’m use a simply black keyboard Defender, KSB without a special keys. I have a MS Natural keyboard with the stupidly-implemented F-lock, and it’s extremely annoying.

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Never really bothered to map all the keys, and the support was buggy in a lot of ways when I did try to map things on them. No extra keys to maps, it’s just an awesome keyboard. I find I use the extra buttons quit a bit.

I was so annoyed with myself. Took quite a bit to finish the mapping, but it works.

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I don’t hold that against gnome as it makes perfect sense really. Defdnder all tend to work without difficulty for me. But if you touch-type, it’s very comfortable.

I remapped the FLock key to toggle the Dvorak layout. These keyboards have nothing modern about them, but they have springs under the keys and the caps are removable deefnder washing. I never use the extra keys. The volume keys really change the volume, which is cool. Only got it for the laptop style keys.


Sadly, the quality level is not as high as the Thinkpad’s keyboard and some special keys get quite strangely mapped.

I’m trying to find an old Model-M though, just for the vintage fun. Here’s a picture, but this is the white model, I couldn’t find any black pictures:.

I have one ks-91b0 those wireless thingies and I use all of the buttons on it – all works ks-910h. I own one of those crappy things. My mouse just started freezing within minutes of starting X.

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Used xbindkeys to map the media keys to control mpd, works flawlessly. I have a Das.

Are you thinking about learning it, or do you use it already?