Thanks again for your help! Hrm, if you have the know how to build your own budget system you could get this CPU: To rule out that possibly the LCD monitor still works and that my display settings were possibly just jacked up I shut down the PC, hooked up the LCD monitor and rebooted. Right-click on Monitors and select Scan for Hardware Changes. Sorry this didn’t help.

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I ended up recycling mine and I purchased a new monitor Rebooted and Win XP splash screen appeared then the screen went black.

Also, your pricing doesn’t include an OS. All times are GMT Turns out initially the tube monitor wouldn’t work as the pc resolution settings were set beyond the tube monitors capability. Once I booted into “Enable VGA” mode the pc recognized this and adjusted the display settings accordingly. And the hard disk may also be on its last legs. That gives you all the options for rotating the screen. Orders will be combined if necessary. Oh mighty Gerbil Elder, I thank you!

Next, Easy Driver Pro searches a database of over 11 million drivers and matches missing, corrupt, or obsolete Drivers to the latest, most compatible drivers for your operating system.


Dell 1905FP LCD Monitor

I use dual monitors 2 [a cheapo 17″ BenQ] for e-mail or the web while I’m doing something else on 1 [my Dell FP], or 2 for Photoshop toolbars and palettes, giving me the entire area of 1 for whatever photo I’m working onand if the box is not checked, the contents of both monitors rotate.

At work or at home, the Dell model fp boasts an The tube monitor now functions properly when the pc is booted normally. Graphics aficionados, however, should note that we saw mildly washed-out midtone colours in some digital photos we viewed. Still, the FP offers above-average image quality when compared to other similarly priced displays. No idea how much space etc there is inside. I would like you to go to the Device Manager and check if the monitor is working properly.

Still think the price is high for such an old system. Alternatively, you can pay for software to do this ex. So now I just make sure 1 is active before hot keying.

I’ve done some self tests and its not either of. But I couldn’t find anything that looked like it might help on nvidia.

Screen resolution issue

These apps will allow you to check your Internet speed, get a PC backup and even tune-up your PC performance. Fantastic monitor from that era. INF you can open it up and look at it in notepad — it specifies a few registry entries so Windows will list it correctly and dwll its capabilities and also drll its color gamut. Gee, that would be great, but how do I map a series of mouse clicks to a single shortcut. Text looked crisp well beyond the range of typical font sizes.


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Seems like a reasonable premium to pay for a better system and brand new parts! I’m a newb with Dell comps.

Hrm, if you have the know how to build your own budget system you could get this CPU: Rebooted into safe mode and pc booted up completely. Please let us know the status of the issue. Again, thanks for you help–it’s make my life both more efficient and less stressful. Currently I am posting from a small netbook.