I can print a document off Word, but not on the internet. I tried it and no color comes for the new cartridge. Buy a new computer? I’ve ignored that warning a lot of times in the past and my computer still works fine. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Just reran the HP printer program cd, added the xp driver still same.

Tried cleaning the print nozzle with alcohol saw a little yellow but still only prints magenta. Unplug the printer from the computer. What you suggested made sense.

HP Deskjet C printer won’t print | PC Review

If it was good before, then there’s no reason it’s not good now, digitally signed or not. Ok, I was given an c and just got it up and running today. I have been able to print everything else. I have tried everything to try to get it to print. Works fine with other computer so I assume it’s a setting or software issue on my Mac.

Thanks for your efforts to help the misguided.

hp deskjet 812c

In lieu of deleting a print job, I normally let the print job finish. Landscape allows you to print things that are not set up as printer friendly sites. Uninstall Acrobat Reader and then go to the Programs folder and delete any Acrobat folders that may have been left behind. Test Page prints fine and can even print from web pages, but printing in Wordpad, NotePad and Word comes out blank. My C stopped delivering yellow ink, so I assumed the cartridge was used up and replaced it with a new one.


My colors just don’t print out very well.

Can someone point me directly, explicitly, I’m-a-moron-ly to where I can find some kind of useful driver for this printer? Here’s some possible problems and you may simply have to eliminate these areas to try and find out just what is causing your printers problem: First simply try cleaning the electrical contacts carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag.

I sent 1 page to print 2 times and then another page to print 3 times and left the room while it printed. Paul Smeton To verify that the problem is with the cartridge blot the print nozzles on a damp paper towel a few times for two seconds.

HP Deskjet 812C printer won’t print

All the lights are on an no error messages appear. I install my hp deskjet c to my new Dell Dimension c by using the disk that came with the printer last summer. I’ve had 2 bad cartridges this month. When you are using the Simple Green solution or the spray, how do you get to deskiet areas that aren’t immediately visible? The computer then searched for a driver and could not find one. The printer will automatically “retime” itself after the new belt is installed.


If your test print is the one coming from the printer, make sure that the cable between the computer and printer is connected properly. Its more likely that the electrical contacts on the ink cartridge, or inside the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly, may simply be dirty.

If you have a question, please create a new topic by 812f here. Cleaned contacts still nothing.

This is more than just a coincidence and points to a problem on my Compaq Presario series laptop. I have an c that I’ve had for about fourteen years. Unplug the deskje for one minute.

hp deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

I have come to the same conclusion in the past years. Click on my name and email me.

Try reading this post and the answer to it: