It appears they are back on the market in the U. Today we will take a look at a couple of SE branded cards. Diamond Multimedia and ATI branded video cards get a look today as we keep our eye on low cost video cards to tide us over till next-gen solutions arrive. Here is a comparison of Tomb Raider: The core did not fair any better. Shadows were a no go, but we were able to turn on detailed textures, dynamic lighting, projectors and foliage.

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Diamond Stealth S80 Radeon 9200se (128MB, AGP)

This incredibly small core overclock did not yield any noticeable improvements in gameplay performance. News [H]ard Forum Settings. We had to set the character detail on the lowest setting and also turn physics detail to the lowest setting.

MondayJanuary 12, When and if it ever ships!

We utilized God mode so that we would not die, but the enemies continued firing providing gameplay action for our run-through.

Eiamond card we are reviewing today is the MB SE. Other then that both cards at the settings used provided adequate gameplay performance at x On the SE above, first picture, we had to turn texture detail and world detail down to a setting of Normal.


All trademarks used are ztealth of their respective owners. It looks like the heatsink is touching the RAM but upon closer inspection you will find that dizmond heatsink is hovering just above the RAM. There are no image quality settings in-game to toggle, only resolution changes. For this game we used our custom demo in the DM-Oceanic map.

We tried four different overclocking applications for ATI video cards and none of them worked. On the front of the box there is a graphic indicting that a full version of a game called Spy Hunter is included in the box.

So what makes the SE an SE? There is a thick multi-language book included as well as the driver CD. That would be the bit memory interface. The PCB is green and as you can see only passive cooling is required on this card.

Couch gaming about IPC. Some of you may remember this company. This means it has a Pixel Fillrate of 1. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. No matter what we tried to overclock the RAM to we got artifacts.


Here is a comparison of Tomb Raider: This game did require us to set different quality settings on each card to obtain playable performance. We find this very diampnd since the RAM is rated at 5ns and therefore MHz is its theoretical maximum speed.

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It also has a configuration for a 64MB model and a MB model. The SE was even worse at overclocking. Already we can see this diamonc a bottleneck when enabling features like Anti-Aliasing on this card. Star Citizen – media blowout, Chris Robert’s We tested with three different 3rd party overclocking applications and came upon that conclusion.

Diamond Stealth S80 Graphic Adapter

News [H]ard Forum Settings. The core did not fair any better. Unreal Tournament DirectX 8.