One small correction, to extract the file you need to use: I am not a Linux guy. We use the same servers. It’s completely untested and unsupported. If not it will probably be possible to build a driver disk to load in the installer.

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Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Therefore, it is used to compare to future measurements to verify the integrity of the boot process. Any ideas on how to get it to work? Not sure exactly what you meant — could you elaborate, please?

Posted September 30, Has anyone gotten this to work yet? I’ve not had time to get back to this.

The README in the zipfile indicates the driver interacts badly with the standard ahci driver, if that happens you might have to blacklist it on the kernel command line. Follow, to receive updates on this topic.

Colfax CX2235i-S24-X5 2U Rackmount Server

Just a note, we tried installing ESX on this system as well. Can you please help me with this issue? The Red Hat one sounds closest. Posted February 6, TPM protects the system start-up process by ensuring it is tamper-free before releasing system control to the operating system.



Other attributes of this feature include:. It just seems it doesn’t work with the raid controller. Yeah I figured it was Ryan configuring raix name was listed as Ryan Watson on the left.

If not it will probably be possible to build a driver disk to load in the installer. If i turn off lsi raid in bios it works, i can see my 4 hdd. The operation of remotely mounted devices is independent of the local devices on the server. If the operating system is TPM-enabled, esrt- compares the BIOS TPM measurements to those of previous boots to make sure the system was not tampered with before continuing the operating system boot process.

Simon, Ryan knows more about linux than I do but what are the steps we can take to build a driver disk? You will need a driver disk for this controller. Front Bezel The optional front bezel is made of molded plastic and uses a snap-on design.

  GP300 405 DRIVER

[SOLVED] Why is it Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II limited to 2 Terabyte? – CentOS

I hope it should work as these raid controllers are supported in XenServer v4. Posted April 11, We use the same servers. Re-package it as follows: This feature is available remotely from the embedded web server as a Java applet. A remote media session is maintained even when the server is powered-off in standby mode.

Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment sass signing in Sign In Now. I have four drives installed.

Does the installer see the separate physical drives or nothing at all? How would I go about loading the drivers for this? Not in the installer you won’t. Posted February 4, Does the installer not see the controller and it’s attached disks?