Enter a numeric password for unlocking the door and using the LCD, up to 3 digits. In sequential mode, the autoloader performs the following steps: V Valid The Occupied field is accurate 1 or is questionable 0. The cleaning cartridge slot, if used, is always the highest storage element address enabled. During this time, the cooling fans begin to operate, the LCD illuminates, and the tape drive and autoloader perform power-on self-tests. The screen displays the code version, similar to the example below.

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Exabyte 110L Industrial Autoloader Tape Data Storage Network Backup Drive Module

Click on the Test Axis exaybte. Specify the source and destination for the move in the Source element index and Destination element index boxes. Refer to your software documentation for information. Termination must be external; do not use internal terminators. Figure Remote management utility — Network Interface Configuration page 5.

It is an ideal first step into automated LTO storage. You can use the operator panel to perform the following activities: Click on the Calibrate Library button to begin calibration. See page 30 for information about SCSI parity checking. Specify the number of cycles for the exercise.


Use the up and down arrow keys to select a number. Run the library in demo mode — Set options for running the autoloader in a continuous demo mode, where the robot randomly moves cartridges between slots. By default, the Status screen displays the current 110ll status of the autoloader and tape drive.

The autoloader has autoranging voltage selection, so you do not need to change the voltage setting.

Resetting the Autoloader To reset the autoloader: Next Cartridge Option The Next Cartridge option allows you to interrupt sequential processing and specify that the next cartridge the autoloader selects is the cartridge in slot 1. Click on the Change button. The autoloader begins the demo and displays status messages. When Autoclean is enabled, the autoloader monitors the cleaning requirements of the tape drive.

Do not connect the autoloader to xeabyte RAID controller.

Retrospect: Storage Devices > Exabyte L Autoloader

Ethernet Cable Optional For autoloaders that are equipped with the Ethernet option, a shielded Ethernet cable is provided. These are the ones you should grab.

This screen shows the current value In the Max Addressable Element field, enter the element index of the highest numbered slot you want the autoloader to use.


If you want to stop a demo in progress, click on the Stop button.

To view information about a specific element, use the left and right arrow keys to move across the columns. If problems with the autoloader occur, contact your maintenance organization; do not void the product warranty by allowing untrained or unauthorized personnel to attempt repairs. Reconnect the power cord and power on the autoloader, as described on page Warning Displays 0 if the drive is free of errors, or displays an error code. Separate commands for preventing door access may be available through your application.

The L occupies very little space on a desktop or on top of a server. Click on Change the FTP password.

Product manual | Exabyte 110L Ultrium Tape Drive

Use shielded cables when connecting this device to others. Obtaining Accessories and Equipment. The user-friendly LCD screen guides users through status, diagnostics and help functions.