Windows Home Server, and other products built on the same code base, are “system builder” products. Any help about this? We’re mirroring our data across two nodes though, so we can live a little more dangerously and select RAID level 5. Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome. Do note that the ‘ Operation: Retrieved from ” https:

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Press ‘ ‘ to select and unselect each drive, and the ‘ ‘ up and ‘ ‘ down keys to navigate the available disks.

Drivers & downloads

This is fujigsu new array and there is no existing configuration, so both ” New Configuration ” and ” Add Configuration ” will do the same thing. Personal tools Log in.

Thanks for the pointers. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Click on ‘ Exit ‘, then click ‘ Yes ‘ and then reboot your machine.

Here we see a controller with eight Neither fujitsu nor intel provide WHS drivers. If this was a single-server setup, that would be perfectly sensible. Any help about this?

Tuesday, March 20, Who is online Users browsing this forum: A “hot spare” is a drive physically in a node that is configured to automatically replace a drive that is in an array that fails.


As Travis has pointed out, what you want to install on d2 Fujitsu box is fully supported by Fujitsu. This forum is a really bad place to get a basic education in this sort of thing.

We don’t need a combined array, so we will create a “SPAN” of just the d2 array.

Battery died on the machine i used to find the drivers so I don’t have the link but will try to post it later if anyone needs it. By default, the controller suggests RAID level 6. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Primergy TX S2 (raid read-only) – Fujitsu Support Forum

If you not use the virtual drive and try to use the built-in software raid from linux, you can install the OS but then it doesn’t boot, once rzid is finished the computer displays the message: Next, click on the ” Update Size ” button and the controller will automatically fill out the ” Select Size ” text field.

No registered users and 1 guest. This is a little messy. I thought creating the virtual drive would wipe the partitions, but it didn’t, instead, it started to boot up Fedora.


Never one to miss an opportunity to ask a question; We’re asked if we want to save the configuration.

You will also note that the drives will have their activity LEDs blink for some rair. System builder products are not designed to be installed and configured by an average consumer; they assume a fairly high level of technical competence in a number of areas.

I’ve not has experience with an ISO file.

ServerView RAID Manager

Because you nailed it on the head!!! This process destroys any and all existing data on the fx100. This is because, after the initial initialization is complete, a full background initialization is performed. I have to investigate more, but at least, I know I can make it work.

It is part of the ” Anvil! Virtual drive, and the two physical drives. This page has been accessed 50, times.