I suppose I could lower the input level as much as possible and up the gain in the DAW so the dry signal is lower in the mix but it just seems such an obvious issue not to have a simple fix. It’s such a same the amount of money I have spent on this computer and recording stuff and the amount of time I have spend trying different programs and googleing stuff and tinkering around and trying to record and just getting frustrated and in the end not being able to make music. I too would think there should be some USB drivers specifically for that amp. Audio Codec Drivers are close but are generic drivers that most likely don’t offer all the capabilities and control settings the Amp manufacturer intended. Originally Posted by Steenamaroo.

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Do you already have an account? It’s all about finding that balance for your computer. To choose the WDM rate: Garaveband short, simply download the app and let it run on your Windows computer. Using ONE without any software- input directly to output: This can make one device much easier to record a good result on than another, the USB interface may be better implemented resulting in lower latency. Good luck with that GB setting!


GB only uses a sampling rate of VortexMar 11, Then add the VI to the dry track for mixing and editing. KPMar 12, With a bass or electric guitar the dry signal just sounds horrible. We have a few resident Mac experts around here, hopefully one of them will happen by gzrageband be of assistance.

But I do recognize the.

ONE (iPad and Mac): Setup

And record the audio in the DAW dry with the monitoring turned off. I always set it to the simplest configuration I can fathom. Or at least nothing your ear garagegand pick up.

We’ll see if it keeps working. Part of the software that you would have downloaded and installed along with your UR22 would have been some sort of gwrageband panel application for the UR And all the components are balanced to the same quality level. Your name or email address: How do you stop the latency?

Confusion setting up my USB interface and GarageBand

Please go through these steps to ensure that everything is set up properly: There is, however, space for variation between such devices. The latency values for input and output both then went to around 18ms, but moving back to samples, the in and out latency now sits at 12ms input and 14ms output. Which Apogee interfaces are compatible with Windows? The experienced Digital Guys can advise on whether that’s a no no or not.


This is because they are not synchronised and you will get sync errors between them which will result in lost bits and degradation of the audio.

Maybe Reaper or something? A smaller buffer will yield lower latency but put more of a strain on the CPU. Originally Posted by Tadpui.

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: There’s no access to any of the usual advanced features. GarageBand is a toy, get a proper recording program. Ten minutes convinced me it’s not a serious product, and designed for real entry level users.

VortexMar 28,