Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site. Good gps They should have never changed the main features in the later models. Plus, you can load celebrity voices! See the in use section below. This is definitely one GPS that will accompany me on my travels.

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At each location I created a mark or waypoint so that I could return to that spot again if I ever go back there tickets booked for next year.

Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock. Good gps They should have never changed the main features in the later models.

This means that just about all maps and applications available in the Mapsource range will work: The wizards at Garmin have sprinkled their magic dust on the design and production of the 60Cx squeezing the last bit of sensitivity from the antenna and SiRFStar III chipset. The four small holes provide output for the sound tones from the GPSmap 60Cx. Pressing the “Page” button moves you between the the information screens.

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Handheld | eBay

On the left side of the rear there is the lanyard attachment, plus two connectors:. Why squint at one of those typically tiny GPS screens when, for a few bucks more, you can get a roomy, easy-on-the-eyes 5-incher? Ggarmin respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. There are many other tracks shown in white there as well. In particular salt water and electronics don’t mix very well. On the left side of the gadmin there is the lanyard attachment, plus two connectors: There are so many features such as routes and waypoints that are all built in, some of these I will cover in the in use section below.


I was taking a well earned so I reckon break to Garmn to get away from the snow, ice and rain of the UK winter.

This is mainly due to the antenna protruding from the 60xx of the GPS receiver. The unit displays all of the landmark names found on the loaded maps on the map screen. English, French, Portuguese, Spanish. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Mobile Apps by Lance Whitney Apr 2, The most interesting thing in the battery compartment is actually under the batteries.

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Handheld

I can put my hand on my heart and say that this GPS receiver is certainly waterproof. The image to the pgs shows a number of features: I had the GPS receiver in the centre of the cabin and was still getting a 5 satellite differential fix.

The screen shot to the immediate right shows the normal map screen. I love the label typing screen for typing in meaningful Waypoint names. Starting at the top left and following the buttons anti-clockwise the buttons and their functions are: Hitting the quit button takes you back to the standard map 60xc.


But this was not too much of an issue once our destination had been pinpointed.

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx

Two “AA” batteries not included Battery Life: Basemaps, Street Routing, Topographical, and Marine charts. The GPSmap 60Cx serial socket.

They are about half the size of a mobile phone SIM card. Detail at pgs start and destination, with major roads in between. Options are are to set up the orientation and colours, switch off the GPS reception, or specify a new location if you have moved a significant distance since last usin the GPS. The black line is the track of my journey.