Perhaps it is time to send it to Toshiba? The black pair feels cheap and plasticky, and is certainly not up to the design standard set by the gigabeat itself at least it’s not iPod white. It has a great! It’s not an outstanding list, but it’ll play the majority of music files you already probably have. Okay, let me explain what is happening: No wonder they’re so cheap right now, eh? Also, I am quite aware that I will not be able to get it repaired under warranty, I am quite aware of that.

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I thought it would be appropriate for me to get back to everybody on this. The gigabeat’s other buttons can be found on the right hand side and includes power, menu, volume and a programmable hot-key. Post 6 of Yeh i too would recommend people that have problems that need the hot swap method done, to send it back to toshiba unless they have the F series because it easier to open.

At the bottom of the unit is the USB recharge port and a Toshiba proprietary slot for add-ons such as a separately sold cradle. I’m thinking of buying this X30 or iPod Photo!


Overall, the gigabeat X30 looks stylish, although it does tend to easily attract fingerprint marks, particularly on the LCD screen. May 22, Post 7 of Good to know that your problem is fixed and i’m surprised they did it free of charge. I am quite new to opening HDD Mp3 players, and have given it a go with the Gigabeat, only to fail while trying to open the back case there is no way to remove the side buttons, which stop the back case from coming off.

Post 5 of Post 9 of Dec 5, at 1: In the end I did decide to send the X30 back to Toshiba, and they reinstalled the firmware for me, free of charge.

Post 10 of Yeh i too would recommend people that have problems that need the hot swap method done, to send it back to toshiba unless they have the F series because it easier to open Logged Print Pages: I unscrewed all the screws and shoved a small screw driver into the case and tried to pull it off because the case is Glued on.

Post 3 of If i were you, I’d pay to get it fixed but if you don’t want to then do what i did. Nov 17, at 5: I got a gigabeat X The screen, which givabeat slightly raised and features a dark border, remains one of the best things about the gigabeat due to its brightness and impressive resolution.


Toshiba’s Gigabeat X30 with 30GB HDD |

Confusing and unintuitive navigation. I’m talking about the new Toshiba Gigabeat X30!

May 24, Do a search on the f30 on dapreview. May 23, Dec 6, at Hopefully if I don’t get a reply sometime in the next few days the Gigabeat X30 will be sent away to the nearest Toshiba Service Centre.

Toshiba gigabeat X30 (30GB) review: Toshiba gigabeat X30 (30GB) – CNET

We tested a white X30, and found it comfortable to hold in the hand. From sending to recieving back again, it took about 10 working days. Post 2 of Perhaps for people having the same problem, or a similar problem, it would just be best to send it back to Toshiba.

We’ve changed, gihabeat promise.

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