CD Speed is used to give an overall DAE speed rating and CD DAE is used to give the track by track extraction speeds and to check the extracted tracks for errors the drive may have created. If you look at the advanced features, you can see that the GSAB was able to read the CD-Text, subchannel data and even the lead in and lead out sections of the CD. By looking at the screenshot you can see that it starts reading at about 3x and accelerates, reaching 5x at the 1. The disc is over 4GB and single sided. Storage by Rick Broida Oct 24, The label of the drive, indicating among others the model name, SN, ROM version default firmware , and Manufactured date.

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LG GSA-4167B DVD Writer

AE1 comments, 1 good0 mixed1 poor. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 26, The drive read pressed and CD-R discs at speeds near 48x and had some fairly good seek times.

Written by Karr Wang, this utility can be used to test the number of C1 and C2 errors on a disc. However, those who are more interested in using 8. D01 comments, 2 good0 mixed0 poor. A great bdst that you want to keep hold of if you have one or snap it up quick if you see one, that is what I am doing: Like a CD-ROM, you will get different benchmark results depending on what kind of discs you are using. By default the drive’s jumper position is set to master.


In the end, it usually comes down to price.

LG GSAB Internal Super Multi DVD Writer (Page 1/9) :: Articles :: ®

From start to finish, the entire process took only a few minutes. PowerProducer also allows you to set chapters within the video content and add your own custom menus, backgrounds, fonts and titles. I tried to copy it to my HD using my old Liteon s. And thankfully, the LG is no one-trick pony, offering a great variety gsaa-4167b formats. For whatever reason, its CPU usage was also quite high when reading at 8x. By reading these discs back at this speed, we can see if there are any readability issues caused by the number of errors or high levels of jitter.

In the ensuing pages, we will take a thorough look among other things, at the reading capabilities of the new LG B, as well as its error correction mechanism and writing quality. Unfortunately, Memorex’s Ritek manufactured discs would not work at anything faster than 2.

GSA-4167B Support

For this review the drive’s firmware has been updated to version DL As you can see, this caused readability problems with both drives. Nevertheless, it was able to write an entire MB CD in 2: Is it the best bang for your buck? Storage by Rick Broida Sep 13, D21 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor.


From here you can choose to create a new movie disc, edit an existing one or record video directly to DVD. The Gsa-41667b also supports a feature called “bitsetting. Every error a drive creates could be a hiss or pop you would hear later in the audio tracks.

Reading DVD’s wasn’t a problem for the drive either.

The drive writes at this speed until about the 68 minute mark. Unfortunately, speed besg always been something of a problem for it. The CD is almost exactly 74 minutes.

By looking at the screenshots above, you can see that LG’s new drive starts writing at about 7. This is pretty slow considering there are drives out there that can reach speeds as high as 16x.

Since the introduction of their first “Super-Multi” drive, LG has continued to raise the bar, developing drives with new features and faster reading and writing speeds. Thanks to its 32x rewriting speed, the GSAB took 2: Gest a drive like the GSAB, media compatibility and writing quality are just as important as speed.