Save and exit from System Setup. Navigate to Device Manager. This job will create a disk information file and store it on the source server. You can avoid this problem by using an external Ethernet adapter. To use the default assignment, edit the security property of the installation file to assign ownership to Administrators.

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Save and exit from System Setup. When this problem occurs, it is possible for all blades in the chassis to lose access to the media tray. Select No, not at this time to connect to Windows Update.

This job will create a disk information file and store it on the source server. Valid values of ComputerName must be 15 characters or less.

When performing IBM Director Agent For Window install, you might encounter an error message “The system cannot find the drive specified”, which might be caused by incorrect z3650 inventory setting.

Boot the machine and press F1 to enter System Setup.

When installing the platform agent on Windows Serverit might fail with return code By default, it creates the file: When you install Windows using ServerGuide, ownership of the disk is assigned to TrustedInstaller. If ComputerName does not meet these criteria, you will receive an error during unattended Windows installations saying: The compname used by Altiris is used as the default value of ComputerName.


The error was detected while processing settings for component [Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup]. Navigate to Advanced Setup. Passwords cannot be set in “replicate” mode.

Known problems and limitations

The following example shows how to edit the windows The process is not hung, but it might take minutes for the process to complete. Specify the drives to Local Disk C.

In the Computers panel, right-click and select properties for your system. Reboot the machine and start Windows.

IBM Cognos Analytics

Partitioning disks appears to hang at 0 percent complete When using Scripting Toolkit to partition disks of GB or larger, the process might appear to hang at x360 percent complete. To locate the first disk, run the Capture Disk Data job by following these steps: IBM Systems Director 6. This indicates that the target system bim not include Windows Installer 4. This is different from the default assignment of Administrators in a native Windows installation.

As an alternative, you can use ServerGuide to deploy Windows Server on these systems.


Known problems and limitations

The Toolkit uses the Microsoft Windows Imagex. This section provides information and alternative solutions for known problems and limitations of the Toolkit. To avoid this error, ensure that the compname in the Altiris console for the node meets the criteria for the Windows ComputerName variable. When installing Windows using ServerGuide, disks show special ownership When you install Windows hkd ServerGuide, ownership of the disk is assigned to TrustedInstaller. Navigate to Device Manager.

After you have made the changes you must restart the Altiris Client Service for them to take effect. When performing deployments to a BladeCenter HS22, type orthe system might be unable to access the bootable media being used for the deployment. For more information on this xys, see http: These errors vary depending on the type of system to which you are installing. In most cases, the adapter is functioning properly and you can continue to use the device normally.