I have had my Laserwriter Select ever since it was new. Samsung and Brother are classified as “disposable” printers. To get ready to install the multipurpose tray, open the printer as show here. After the electricity keep going on and off, my Laserwriter starting flashing two yellow status lights — paper jam and paper tray. The model was discontinued in when Apple introduced the Color StyleWriter series of printers. Thanks, Dave – Dave A.

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The 16 mg of ram is good. Offers graphics [4] [6] [7]. I cannot pull out the tray even put the printer standing on its side. How do I check that component?

Holding the tray folded, insert the left side first as shown. If interested, I can post one. The “paper out” light began to flash, and an error message appeared on the screen, “The printer is fixing a temperature malfunction. The cassette can accept U. If you don’t laesrwriter to install it, you can feed individual sheets of paper with the manual feed tray.

I will email for further assistance when in laserwrtier. I never know if a printed page will be good; and what does print is so mixed up that I couldn’t arrange it myself that “well” in a graphics program! Lasedwriter checked the manual already, but still confused me. I found your site and purchased both your kits for this printer and followed instructions per the DVDs.


LaserWriter Select 360:Technical Specifications

There is a cross reference in the site lserwriter section that shows all the models that use this engine. Do the flashes mean anything?

It sounds as though you and I have the same problem. I’m at a loss. Thank you – Tom. Electronic printing and publishing: Since it is a problem that shouldn’t happen, and that you somehow put in, I’m unable to advise you how to fix it. Can I borrow your repair manuel for the laser writer select ?

Printer: Apple LaserWriter Select | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

Remove and set aside the paper cassettes from both the printer and the sheet feeder. I ordered the fusing lamp kit Thursday evening, it arrived in Monday afternoon’s post, and by Monday evening, my printer was fully operational again. The Panasonic toner is more expensive than the Apple branded one.

My problem is, is that I have fade on the right side of the page I thougt I was out of toner so I bought a new one. Anyhow, try enabling the start test printing and see if lasedwriter is any error happened. Or turn the printer upside down, I bet that would work perfectly.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Printer

Anita, vm is virtual memory. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Is it a free download? Recently bought your printer fade kit- great video of dismantling the printer to clean it- very successful- but now am laserwriiter repeating problems with paper misfeeds- begins to take page off of top of paper tray- then stops- misfeed light comes on- have to open tray- reinsert top page- it is partly bowed upwards- close tray and open cover to reset light- then works again for 6 pages or so- any advice on rollers to clean and or??


The rotary selector like a switch at the back of the computer is set at 0. We used to have a repair kit for it, but can’t get lamps at a reasonable price anymore so it was discontinued.

If so, then you’re pretty much on your own as there are way too many places you could have screwed up and we have no idea what you took apart that you weren’t supposed to. The printer needs to have enough memory to completely store the file the computer sends to it.

I’m running this machine that I got for free on my XP lasrewriter and it runs like a charm! I recently moved across the country and had carefully packed my toner cartridge separate from the printer.