Any help is appreciated. A Short has Been Detected What it means: This could take anywhere from a few hours to a week or 2 seeing as Directv does not have the USW’s in the stream right now. If the package is not deliver within 10 business days, please inquire via email by provide your order number. Everything you said to try. If you have any more question please contact us. All the Mikobu Products has 30 days hardware warranty from the date you received the product.

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Resetting your receiver may resolve this problem. If you are Emulating with an HU Card: Please make sure the power of your programmer is on. If you need to reposition the dish, turn off the receiver and then unplug mioobu from the outlet or power strip. Also try changing the PPV purchase option byte at B is Your owner’s manual explains how to run a signal test.

Can somone please help me? Why when I install Extreme HU 3. Help anyone as to what is causing the problem Make sure the signal is not being interrupted by severe weather conditions or objects such as tree limbs, leaves, or other items. I have looked for serial version drivers on the net, but all I see are USB drivers.


Suspicious Activity Detected

Now’s 3m locks your card after you program it, you will need to to unloop the card before you can re-program the card. This also may happen when you do a reboot or reset of your receiver.

Check your dish’s position to be sure it has not moved. Posted on Tuesday, February 17, – Thanks in advance from a really frustrated dude Now I get a device not detected.

The problem is that it will not recognize that a card is installed and Mikoby have no atmel code showing up. Similary, “Searching for Satellite” comes up for a while on some IRDs as long as 30 seconds after reset. Posted on Thursday, November 13, – In my research I thought I saw someone talk about a red light on the unit.

Thank you for any advice. Simply let it Update to DSW in the receiver.

How long does it take from the time I order to the time I receive package? I am generally new at all of mikonu so can you pleeze help. Dan New member Username: But now, COM1 still does not connect, and device still not found. Which I was doing really great at, until I got to the point of clicking on the latest bin filesapparently I have none, how do I go about getting the latest bin files, or if I have them somewhere on the computer where would I find them.


If you pull your Emu board out of the receiver you have to restart Kryptonite before inserting the card again. And you will see the light on the loader should be on.

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Searching for Program Guide. I am running out of options here.

Why should I buy from you? Your card may have looped somehow. If your emulating and the emu has caps. Why my Mikobu programmer can’t read my HU card?